Tool Fund balance as of May 17 2010: zero!

I receive no regular salary, so tool purchases are few and far between. I figure, why not beg? :^) So I’ve set up the Neanderthal Apprentice Tool Fund. If you like the content and direction of Adventures in Woodworking, or just think I’m a super guy, why not just click the ‘Donate’ icon below and chip in a dollar or two? All money donated toward the Tool Fund will go directly towards the purchase of high-quality (and usually low-priced) hand tools.

Forstner Bits: purchased!
Dozuki Saw: purchased!
Keyhole Saw: purchased!
Jointer Plane: purchased!
Rabbet/Fillister Plane (vintage)
Shoulder Plane (vintage)
Router Plane
Mortise Chisels