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In conjunction with Woodworking Safety Week 2008, here is my very first attempt at a video. I think I can give The Wood Whisperer a good run for his money. I’ve got everything he has except woodworking skills, customers, power tools, a nice shop, groupies and sponsors. Other than that, we’re the same. Covered in this video are the chisel, marking knife and saw. Enjoy!


As we kick off Woodworking Safety Week 2008, I thought I’d offer some improvement on marketing it to the woodworking community. It seemed like something was missing: a tagline. I mean, just saying “Woodworking Safety Week 2008” sounds kind of boring, don’t you think? So I’m proposing the following taglines for your consideration. Please choose the one that sounds most appropriate (or offer your own in the comments below).

P.S. This is just for fun. Marc Spagnuolo is in no way obligated to apply the tagline to this or any other Woodworking Safety Week.