Hi Eric, thanks for agreeing to this interview. I know you don’t accept many interview requests.

Thanks. Yeah, this is the first interview I’ve given since starting my blog five years ago. Adds to the mystique, you know?

Umm, yeah. Anyway, so what have you been up to lately? Your blog has been kind of dormant.

Well I spent a few months in the States last winter, and got to take a couple woodworking classes. I went to an intro carving class at Woodcraft, and bought a couple gouges so I could try carving when I returned to Malaysia. But the highlight was attending Roy Underhill’s “Making the Mystery Mallet” class at his Woodwright’s Shop.

Do you have any pics?

Glad you asked! Here’s one:

Nice mallet!

Yeah, I’m just happy mine didn’t blow out on me when I put it all together. I was pretty nervous as it was labeled as an “intermediate” class. But even if it did (blow apart), I took the class for the experience more than for the mallet.

So what else is new? You’ve been back in Malaysia for several months now. What have you been building?

Not too much. Now that my workbench is done, it’s been strangely hard to motivate myself to get some shop time in! Maybe it’s just that the workbench consumed me pretty much for several years, and I feel a bit aimless now. But I have bought the stock to make my daughter a loft bed, and have slowly gotten the gears turning on that project.

So we’ll be seeing a lot more activity on this blog now?

I don’t think so. It’s been a good run here, but I think I’ll probably blog much less frequently, even if I do a lot of woodworking. I’ll probably let my domain name go and just keep this blog open at adventuresinwoodworking.wordpress.com. And I’ll keep posting on Lumberjocks if I have new projects or pics.

Great! Good luck to you.