Here’s a quote from my last post:

I am making progress on the bench, but as before, I get hung up mentally when I come to big steps in the process.

Guess when I wrote my last post? About 2 months ago. Yep, got to another big step in the process and got hung up mentally. Well that, and also just lost my motivation entirely for a few weeks there. I’m back!

So gluing four boards onto a 28-board benchtop shouldn’t really be a “big step” in the process, right? Well for me it doesn’t take much. This time it was doing my first glueups around my inner leg tenons. My main concern was that once I put the benchtop on the legs, my measurements will have been so far off that it wouldn’t fit on. You know the fear. Well, no worries, I got it mostly right. Had to pare one “mortise” (they’re all still open on one side) but the other three fit no problem.

So here’s where I’m at (click for larger size):

You can see that I’ve closed up the mortise for the planing stop. And yes, I plan on trimming the tops of my leg tenons! The only “mistake” I made was that I had planned on trimming the length of the inner tenons so that they would have shoulders (only 1/2″ or so) for the benchtop to rest on. I just plain ol’ forgot. Oh well. So the inner tenons are a full 6″ long. When I cut the dovetails on the outer tenons they’ll just be a bit longer as well, no biggie. Here’s another shot:

My next step is to touch up the outer boards a tiny bit where they are a bit proud of the tenon cheek. Then I simply need to glue my next two boards in on each side (will need to plane them down a bit to get them to fit just right in between the tenons). Piece of cake. Then the last two boards on each side will be the ones that fit around the dovetails. That will be another “big step in the process.” Wish me luck!