…the cow takes the cake. Not sure what that means, but it’s a saying in our household. It’s a strange household.

I am making progress on the bench, but as before, I get hung up mentally when I come to big steps in the process. But first, a glimpse into how I do my glueups. After applying glue to both faces to be glued up, I place the new piece on the very top of the stack and clamp it with my 48″-ers, long side down. What appears to be a misalignment of that top board is actually a wicked bow in the last couple feet. More on that later. You’ll also notice that I had to elevate my work surface so that the clamps don’t hit the ground.

After the clamps are on, I have to roll the whole thing over so that the top (new) board is on the bottom of the stack, so gravity can act as the “5th clamp.” I rest the whole setup on my sawing trestles and that’s it!

Then I had to shim the area where the bowed board popped up. I glued a couple scraps in there (this is where the benchtop rests on the legs) and planed them level with the adjoining boards. Not too bad.

And this is pretty much where I’m at right now:

The problem I have now is that the height of the bench is just slightly different at each corner. This is one of the pitfalls of working with wood that hasn’t been prepped to exact dimensions. On the one hand I saved myself a lot of time; on the other hand, I have to use some of that time to fix things later. So I need to figure out where to pare and where to shim.

After that: cutting the leg tenons!