So I’m in my motherland enjoying the cool September weather, the amazing food and drink, and the hospitality of these friendly Germans. Life is good. If only my family could be with me!

We had a bit of free time the other day so I latched on to a guy going to a nearby town (Grünberg) that has a hardware store. I’m not in the market for anything in particular – I just wanted to browse around. So we ended up at Herkules, which sounds like a cool name for a hardware store. I probably would have picked slightly cooler graphics though…

It was a nice hardware store. It reminded me very much of Home Depot, just a little of everything. I didn’t get much, just some small brass hinges for a box for my daughter (I can’t get decorative hinges where I am for some reason), and a couple bolts for the crochet on my bench.

I’m also trying to find a 2010 1-Euro or 2-Euro coin, to countersink into my completed bench to mark the year. I may need to go to a bank to do that. But I thought that’d be fun.

Will be back this weekend and then it’s back to the bench build!