So I’m done with my leg glue-up on all four legs. The mortises were really the thing I was dreading most, and now they’re done. And my left front leg has a nice 2 1/4″ hole to accomodate the wood screw for the leg vise. That was a beast to do with an expansive bit. My chest is still sore from the bit brace, and I was even using a board to better distribute the pressure.

Right now I’m en route to Germany for a conference. Will be back on Saturday. Then I’ll finish off the legs. I have to cut them down to size (from the bottom, of course) and chamfer them at the base. Then I’ll fit the long stretchers into the legs and drawbore them. No glue. And maybe at the same time, I’ll start on the benchtop glueup.

I’m basically going to glue together the interior 10 boards (leaving a void to accomodate the planing stop). Once I’ve done that, I’ll know the exact dimensions of my short stretchers and will go ahead and fit those into the legs (again, drawboring, no glue). And then I’ll start gluing up the outer boards, leaving the voids for the through tenons on the legs.

Feels like it’s coming together! Auf Wiedersehen…