A couple weeks ago I mentioned that I would be making a visit to my church friend’s lumberyard. Here’s an update:

This friend of mine is having her warehouse guy look for all the lumber I need from rejected timber. Now I’m not sure what causes something to be rejected. I suppose export-grade stuff would have to be pretty good, so maybe rejected wood is still okay. As long as the wood is straight and not rotten, it should work for a bench, right? Even pinholes would be okay for me, as long as the bugs have moved along. So we’ll see. The foreman or whatever he’s called is going to give me a buzz when he has it together, so I’ll get to inspect it first.

Oh…and did I mention that she’s going to give me all this wood FOR FREE??? She also told me that this guy could hook me up with all kinds of scrap wood – cutoffs, rejected wood, whatever. She said they normally just burn it.

Hello, my name is Eric, allow me to be of service to you.