I needed a saw for doing simple cuts on my soon-to-be workbench, like cutting the ends of the benchtop even, or cutting the bottoms of the legs post-glueup. My ryoba is the best saw in the universe but is not really beefy enough to do larger jobs. I’m seriously considering getting one of those big lumberjacky pull saws. But in the meantime, a cheap hardware store saw will do.

The one I got (for $10) is Japanese, apparently, but is a push saw. It’s got a fine classic look to it, but I blog about it here because I just get a kick out of English [mis]translations. Here is what is etched (or printed) on the blade:

Japanese Tradition: High Quality Steel. This fine ground bendean is a good example of the craftmantap anel can Rexcut puts into their quality tools. It continues function effaxney with the traditional boiusy of an aget proven had tool moild.

I dunno. I cut a big hunk of fallen tree with it the other day and it cut just fine. I should probably not use it too much so that it can still function effaxney when I need it to on my workbench.