I recently found out that the husband of a woman in our church runs a timber export business. I inquired about possibly getting my workbench lumber from him and she told me to fax her the specs of what I want (she does admin or accounting or something).

So tomorrow morning I’m going out with her to the lumberyard to check out the wood and to get an estimate. Could it be that I’ll walk out of there with a few hundred pounds of tropical hardwood? Or maybe I’ll put it in the back of a truck and drive it out. Easier on the back.

I was hoping to tinker with Chris Schwarz’s Roubo on Sketchup tonight to see if there’s anything I’m not thinking of, but my Sketchup skills stink! I would probably do better “building” a bench from scratch on there. In the meantime, I’ll work with pencil and paper. I have made a few modifications even since last week’s post, likely influenced by my “discovery” of Gary Roberts, Stephen Shepherd, Peter Follansbee and Jennie Alexander. It’s a slippery slope down into the 17th century.

Hope to have good news – and pics – soon.