A year ago I mused about my future Roubo workbench. A month after that I mused some more. Now that I’m planning my lumber purchase (for real this time!), I want to update my musings with a third post.

  1. The most significant change to my plans is that I’m planning on using 4/4 for the top, if not for the entire bench. The Schwarz mentioned that this is a good solution for a hand tools-only woodworker since the boards will require less work prior to glue-up. I’m all for less work. It’s also better suited to my F-clamps, which aren’t really powerhouse clamps for serious glue-ups.
  2. The bench will be 7′ long – a foot longer than previously planned. The space I have for the bench is 8′ 6″, so a 7′ bench should leave enough room for working the wagon vise. Which brings me to modification #3:
  3. The bench will have a wagon vise! I had originally decided against it, but you all have made a believer out of me. It’s in.
  4. I count 18 mortises in the bench (8 on top for leg tenons, 8 on legs for stretchers, 1 for wagon vise and 1 for planing stop), and I’m still planning on creating all but four of them (short stretchers) with voids in the glueup. I know it could be problematic, but I really can’t see why it couldn’t work. I could insert the matching tenon into the void during glue-up and remove it once the clamps are all in place. Am I missing something? Or is this doable? It will save so much time if I can get it right.
  5. Likewise, I will create the slots for the planing stop, for the wagon vise chop and the hole for the wagon vise screw by creating voids. Especially for the screw hole, which typically involves drilling through end grain, this will be a big time saver.

Well, I’ve finally bought The Schwarz’s workbench book – a friend was coming over here from Canada so I had one shipped to him real quick. Arrives tonight! So I’m sure I’ll have more musings, but I am seriously looking forward to finally digging in to that book.

Appreciate any comments y’all might have!