First of all, I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

You know you’re really into woodworking when it’s all you think about. I’ve had times, usually when I’m planning or working on a project, when woodworking is the last thing on my mind before bed and the first thing when waking up. Especially as a neanderthal with a limited setup, it seems like mental preparation is 80% of what I do.

As we geared up to return to the States from Malaysia for a four-month visit, my woodworking came to a halt, and with it, my daydreaming about all things wood. Even if I might have had time to go buy the wood for my bench, it’s hard to get myself out there to do it when I know I won’t be starting the project for 6 more months. And sharpening? Pshhh. Those dull tools will still be there when I get back.

We’re now about 6 weeks out from our return to Malaysia. And you know what? The daydreams are back. The Roubo is re-forming itself in my mind, and I find myself going over once again the double-tenoned legs, the leg vise, lamination, and yes, even re-thinking my original decision not to have a tail vise. I’m also thinking about maybe throwing a few threaded rods through my entire laminated top, to assist my substandard clamps in glueup, and to help hold it together in general.

I’m mentally preparing myself for sharpening as soon as we return. Because I won’t start another project until I build a bench. And I won’t start the bench until all my chisel and plane blades are sharp.

Meanwhile, I’m accumulating my last (last? ha!) tools off eBay and the Old Tools list while I still can. I’ll be bringing back with me a #7 plane, a new (old) chisel, a generously-donated Lufkin folding rule, and hopefully a rabbet plane, drawknife and maybe a router plane! Of course, my luggage allocation is shot.

I still haven’t made that visit to my lathe buddy, and I’m still waiting for St. Roy’s email about his fall class schedule. But there’s still time!