I mentioned in my last post that I planned on going to the world’s largest flea market in Canton, Texas. Well, I went a couple weeks ago, and was both overwhelmed and underwhelmed.

The size of the flea market was staggering. But what was more surprising was the ridonculous amount of garbage that people were selling. From the standpoint of tools, I found that 80% of the tools were covered in rust, 10% were too ordinary to even bother looking at, 5% were grossly overpriced and 5% were worth consideration. (Of course, there are some of you who would take a more serious look at the rusty stuff.)

There wasn’t really any order to the booths set up, so you just have to be alert and be ready to walk a lot. It got to where I would tell my dad, “Hey, I think I see a pile of wood and rust – let’s check it out.”

I did see a decent enough drawknife, but it cost $20. I think I can do better than that on eBay, even with shipping factored in. But I did find a halfway decent 1 1/4″ mortise chisel for $6. I really needed a good wide mortise chisel for my [upcoming I promise!] workbench. This one should let me do my big mortises in almost one pass.

It looks like the “handle” took quite a beating. I’m hoping to get it out somehow and get a new handle turned for it. I’ve been looking around at what mortise chisel handles look like, so I’m not sure right now how to do it. Any tips?

Mortise Chisel 2

So all in all, a mixed bag. But that’s what you get from a flea market right?