I’ve been a blogger since 2004 (this is my third or fourth), but I’ve never been one to track blogging milestones. But today when I logged into my WordPress dashboard, I saw that I had written 99 posts on Adventures in Woodworking. So hey, 100 posts! And I’ve received 274 non-spam comments here, so that’s a pretty good return, I’d say!

But my main reason for posting today was to talk about the big news: We have a house! We put down the deposit yesterday, and today I took possession of the keys. This is fantastic. In our 10 years as a couple, we’ve never had a place to really call home. We’ve moved 12 times in our 10 years of marriage (counting places where we’ve stayed at least two months). The longest we’ve ever stayed at one place was 1 year and 9 months. And while we still will go back to the States every couple years or so, we’ll maintain this place so there’ll always be “home” to come back to.

And the big ramifications of this event is that at last, I can invest my time and energies into having a workshop! Like most places we’ve been, my space will be very limited. Fortunately, though, for a neanderthal like myself I only need a couple dozen square feet and I’m set. :^)

We’ve identified the area that would be best for my workbench (my wife has very graciously included “proper shop space” into our wishlist when househunting), and I’ll have pics later. I’ll be in the kitchen, but really – it’s better than it sounds!

So now I’m planning my bench. For the longest time I had dreamed of a Roubo, but gave that dream up recently and switched to the idea of a Japanese bench like The Schwarz profiled on his blog. But now, I’m thinking that the Roubo would really be ideal, so I’m thinking about it during every spare moment.

We’ll start moving non-essential stuff this weekend and next week, and then after I return from an out-of-town trip next week, we’ll complete the move. Then I can get started on my bench! Oh, after I see if I can complete the Sawdust Chronicles challenge