There’s a blog out there called Instapundit, written by a law professor named Glenn Reynolds. Instapundit used to be so widely read (may still be) that if he ever linked to another blog, that blog got such a tremendous volume of traffic that it sometimes gave them bandwidth issues with their host. That flood of traffic became known as an “instalanche“.

Well in my short time as a woodworking blogger, I have found myself twice the willing victim of a Schwarzalanche. The first time was when I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to continue the blog at all. I had zero readership, and was just testing the waters. But an email conversation with The Schwarz resulted in his posting my first attempt at building a Roubo – with Legos! From that post, look at my site’s traffic:


From that time on, I started regularly(ish) blogging about my woodworking. It was no surprise to me, then, when my “winning” entry in the Most Pathetic Workbench contest (also run by The Schwarz) created another Schwarzalanche. Check it out:


So what did I do with my [second] 15 minutes of fame? Blogged once in about a month. Heh.