Yesterday I had just a little bit of shop time. Enough to make sure the tops of the legs are all level so that there is no wobble when the plywood top goes on. I had to glue on a few shims, but otherwise it’s all good to go.

Before I glue the top on, I thought it would be a good idea to have the kids go to town on the underside. Here you can see them in action: our son (and my wife) had one half, and our daughter (and I) had the other. P.S. Notice the mess of legos at the top of the picture – we need this table done soon!

I made sure that when I left my mark, I left a reminder of what hoops I had to jump through to get this project done. No wonder the average project takes me 10 times longer than it would take you! :^)

When it was all done, the kids had a ball checking out their handiwork. And I’m guessing that when my wife shows houseguests the lego table (she’s kinda proud of me), the kids will be dragging them under it to show them what they did as well!