My wife sent me into the shop yesterday, saying, “It’s been forever since your last post, you need some shop time!” Yes, ma’am.

My shop was still a mess, because the last time I had shop time I expected to get right back to it the next day…or the next week…and you know how it goes. So it took me a little bit to get my bearings and find the motivation to pick up the tools and pick up where I left off.

The tricky thing with what I did yesterday was drilling the screw holes for the legs. It wouldn’t be so tricky if I just countersunk bolts in from the outside and plugged the holes with dowels. I wanted to put the screws in from the back, so they are totally unseen and with no plugs.

Maybe there’s an easier way to do this. I’m all ears. But what I had to do was assemble the dovetailed aprons, mark the leg holes (already drilled) onto the aprons, and then take it all apart and drill the holes into the aprons (going in about 1/2″). It mostly went well, but there was one leg that was way off base (about 1/8″, which you know is a lot!). Because of that, the dovetail wouldn’t join properly, so I had to either a) drill new holes or b) plane about 1/8″ off the edge of the board. Since I’m less incompetent with my bit brace than I am with the hand plane, I just went with new holes.

So here’s a pic of what I was left with yesterday (dry fit only). The back left is the one missing a leg component because of my screwup. Also you might notice the leg components on the right long apron look funky. I had originally intended to have semicircles cut into the leg bottoms (made with an expansive bit drilling into two leg bottoms), but it was so very difficult to do, and my clamps couldn’t hold the boards no matter how tight, that I just bagged it and inverted those two parts. Anyway, here’s yesterday’s pic:

Can you tell I’m hurting for assembly space?

Today was a much better day. I fixed the off-kilter leg component, and then I glued all the leg components on to their respective apron (so there are two components on each apron which will be glued together when assembled). I took a couple hours off for lunch and then came back to it and glued the whole thing together – the dovetails, the leg components to each other, and the wedged tenons for the center cross piece (which look like they turned out pretty well).

Starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel! Next steps: glue the plywood table base down onto the cross piece and legs, cut a 6″(ish) notch in the lip of one of the short aprons for easy sweeping of the legos off the table, glue some blocks up under the plywood for a little more support, and then do some final sanding/planing before finishing! Hmm, that seems like a lot now.