In my video for Woodworking Safety Week 2008, I repeatedly reminded my viewers to keep fingers out of the path or potential path of the blade. Hmm, this gets tricky with a ryoba and two sides of the blade – thus two potential paths. For some reason, this weekend my saw bit me three times.

In all three instances, I was holding a board with my left hand and cutting it with my right. When the saw finished its cut, the saw sprung upwards, and the top part of the saw (the rip blade) dug into my index finger.

My wife told me I should put a band-aid on that finger, so at least the saw wouldn’t break the skin. I said, “Yeah, but even better is that I work safely enough that I won’t even do it in the first place!” She looked skeptical, and with raised eyebrows glanced at my finger.

My reply: “What? I haven’t done it even once after those first three times!”