Well, we’re moving in three days. We put 16 boxes on the boat, and I’ve dropped 12 boxes in the mail so far. I think we’re about 5 boxes away from being done. On Tuesday, they come to pick up our car, which will be loaded with awkward-shaped things and other stuff that doesn’t look very steal-able (like the step stool I made).

Today I cleaned out the shop and did a final sweeping. The shop is now officially closed.

I already know what my first major woodworking project is going to be once I get to Kota Kinabalu. I’m going to flatten the backs of all of my chisel blades and plane irons. I had flattened the backs as I was taught at the Woodcraft class I took, but after watching this great video by Keith Cruickshank, I realized that I hadn’t come close to a good enough job. Basically, the back should have a consistent mirror shine to it. If it does, you never will have to touch the back again (except to rub off the burr after sharpening the bevel). I looked at all of my blades/irons, and none of them have a consistent shine. So that’ll be my first job.

First, I need to figure out how to flatten my 800-grit waterstone. So far, I have always flattened my stones with the next lower grit stone. So I sharpen my 8000-grit stone with my 4000-grit, I sharpen that one with the 1200-grit, and I sharpen that one with the 800-grit. The 800-grit stone has been flattened so far with 200-grit or 300-grit sandpaper placed on the washing machine. I thought it was doing okay, but I noticed that the center of the stone is higher than the two ends. I suppose that’s better than having a crown going the other way, but still – I’d like it totally flat like my other three stones. Any ideas?

After I flatten the backs, I might just go ahead and work on the bevels some more. It’s been too long since they got some attention.

I’m also mulling over whether or not to start a podcast. I’ve already got a half dozen topics, which should be enough to get me started, but want to be sure I’ll have the time and energy to do it right. Of course, that doesn’t stop you bozos from releasing your podcasts. Ha ha.

And that’s a wrap here in Kuala Lumpur. Next post will be from Kota Kinabalu, on the island of Borneo!