A few weeks ago I shared about my problems resawing with a handsaw. Several people suggested various jigs, and more than one told me just to go buy a circular saw.

Well, I decided to try to give myself a nice long straight edge to guide the saw. Ended up getting more and more complex, until this is what I ended up with:

complex resaw setup

In the end, it didn’t do that great of a job. So I put off doing this until the day before I had to pack up all my tools. I figured it was now or never, so I just slapped a board in the vise and went to work. And boy, was it work!

simple resaw setup

That picture was taken just after I finished resawing those four boards you see on the bench. Next, I used my bit brace to create the mortises in the side rails, and then chiseled out the waste until the mortises were mostly rectangular. Then I slapped some glue in there and clamped it all together. Here’s the finished product, side by side with the original:

reverse engineering

It’s far from fine woodworking, but for something that will be under someone’s butt all the time and never in their field of vision, it should do the trick. And hey, I got some more mortise practice!