Okay, so I’m just about done. I’ve put the “last coat” on, and buffed it out with 00000 steel wool. Not too sure if I like it as is, or if I’ll add one more coat. It’s easy enough to do, so it’s no big deal.

But there’s one thing I’m unhappy about, and that’s the exposed end grain on the pins and tails. The end grain looks all dried out and kinda nasty. Check it out (click to enlarge):

end grain issue

I’m not sure how it got this way. Maybe I didn’t notice something happening on the several coats previous. Maybe I didn’t sand the end grain enough before I started. I don’t know. I’m not really sure how to fix it, except maybe to use a small brush or cotton swab to apply something (BLO? straight varnish?) directly to the end grain and only the end grain, until it looks normal. But would I need to do some micro-sanding first?

What do you think?