For most woodworkers, especially those with the convenience and expedience of power tools, a step stool is a weekend project, if not a half-day project. For me, it’s looking like it will be a 2- or 3-weekend project, if I’m lucky. But I am really enjoying the process and continue to learn every time I approach the piece.

Today I cut the dovetails. I had already marked them last week so it was just a matter of putting saw (and chisel) to wood. I was quite pleased with how they turned out:

stool dovetails

I then started on shaping the legs. I only had it in me to do one side, since my coping saw is a real piece of junk and I don’t know if it can do any more. After cutting a squiggly line with the coping saw, I cleaned it up with my spokeshave, and here’s what I got:

stool dovetails

You can see the little arc on the bottom that I will cut out next. Then to repeat all that on the other side, and finally to do the wedged mortise and tenon for the center support.