Somehow word has gotten out about my interest in woodworking. Who knows what message people are getting, though. “So they tell me you’re a carpenter,” they say, or, “I hear you’re good at woodworking.” Um, no. But regardless of my actual skill level, it doesn’t stop people from asking me to do things for them. I’m actually backlogged with projects, most of which I’m doing for free. It’s also giving me good experience, for which I’m thankful. Here’s what I have on tap:

  • Fix two benches, a bookcase and two cabinet doors. I finished it this morning. Compensation: A couple hours in a nice air-conditioned room.
  • Build a frame to support a sofa cushion. It’s supposed to have two, but only has one. So I’ll reverse-engineer it and build a matching one. Compensation: a dozen pine bed slats (4″ or 5″ wide).
  • Repair the wooden arm of a large sofa. Done.
  • Build/fashion a chalkboard for the church building of a minority indigeous people in the highlands. I’ll just be using a sheet of plywood and some chalkboard paint, and figure out something nice for the frame.
  • Construct a plywood “boat” (2-dimensional) with an oar to be used in a figure skating routine. I think I’m going to turn this one down. Too weird.

Oh yeah, and I might want to actually build something for our own use, too!