Okay, so I finished my panel grooves in my lid frame, and in the next day or two, I’ll glue up my lid. I’ll tell you what I’m planning to do, and could you let me know if anything sounds funky? Please refer to my previous post for some background, if needed.

  1. I’ll run some glue down the grooves of two [adjacent] frame pieces, and on the two miters I’m connecting. Wait a few minutes for the end grain to soak up some of the glue, and then reapply some more on the miters. Holding them up against a square, assemble the two frame pieces and insert the plywood into the grooves. At some point I need to put some masking tape on the outside of the frame, but I’m not sure when that will happen.
  2. Repeat previous step for frame piece #3, and then lastly with frame piece #4.
  3. Not sure what to use to clamp something this small. I was thinking of using some twine to wrap around it (like a band clamp), and then tighten the knot with a stick or pen or something. Kind of like tightening a tourniquet (not that I’ve done that). Is this necessary? I’d hate to have to make a jig just for this, but even more, I’d hate for my frame to just fall into pieces because it’s not glued right.

Thanks for any feedback you might have. Stay tuned!