A couple of weeks ago I made a dovetail template to use when making the box for my wife (I’m halfway through the joinery, by the way). I blogged about it here and even posted it as my first ever project on LumberJocks. I was pretty proud.

Maybe too proud. I thought the folks over at Homestead Heritage (where I learned the template) were a bit narrow-minded when they only offered the 1:7 ratio (in addition to the square). I figured it would be even better to offer the 1:6 and 1:8 as well; after all, the template has four working edges, right?

The first time I tried marking out my tails, I realized a major deficiency: the template will only mark one side of the tail. You have to get a bevel gauge or protractor to mark the other side. No problem, I thought – I’ll just become a pins-first guy. My thinking was that I’d put the template on one edge of the end grain to mark one side of the pin, and then go to the other edge to mark the other side of the pin. Uh-uh. The angle is the same.

So this template is mostly useless (except for the square), and I need to make another one. I made updates to my blog entries and project page, for those who read it in the future. But I felt the need to make the “product recall” notice here as well, for those of you who read it and are planning to make your own. Stick to the original plan! Square on one edge, and both directions of a single ratio (I’ll probably do 1:7 or 1:8 since I mostly work with hardwoods). What goes on the fourth edge? Maybe I won’t even cut a fourth edge, or I’ll add another square.