Funny. In Malaysia, land of rampant logging (legal and illegal), I can’t seem to find really nice wood. Well, maybe the wood is nice, but it is stored horribly. It’s typically kept out back behind the hardware store under a big tin roof, all stacked right on top of each other.

So you can imagine that I would be somewhat tempted by the beautiful boards lined up at the back of Ace Hardware (there are a few branches of Ace here in Kuala Lumpur). I’m so glazed over that I don’t even realize that they’re really just laminated poplar and oak, sold for shelving. On the bright side, though, the surfaces are flat and smooth.

Here are the prices of these boards – let me know if they are particularly high or low; my guess is insanely high. Prices have been converted to U.S. dollars:

1x12x36: $29.29
1x6x72: $21.28

1x12x48: $50.57
1x12x36: $44.71
1x8x72: $53.05