Dovetail Chopping Station

Today when I finally got ready to start chopping my dovetails, I felt cramped way over on the left side of the bench where my handyman vise is precariously mounted in 1/8″ plywood. So I dismantled the sweet sharpening station setup I just blogged about and jimmied this little rig. It was solid, and apart from the worry that my saw would graze the clamp (it didn’t really come that close), it will do nicely until my bench is made. Once my bench is made, I’ll hopefully have my choice between a leg vise and wagon vise.

Oh, and since I feel so cramped on the left side of the bench, I’m thinking of angling my leg vise to buy me a few more inches. Landis talks about this in his book, and I think it’s a great idea. It’ll also allow me to clamp wider boards without worrying about the screw being in the way.