Before the Dovetails

So I’ve finally gotten the walls of the box flat. Well, mostly flat. They still wobble just a bit when I put them together, but I don’t want to plane these things down to wooden cards trying to get it just right. Plus, it’s not like I’m face-gluing them together. When they’re joined together as a box, I think the variance will be negligible. Two of the walls were 1/32″ thinner (on average) than the other two, so those were the ones I cut down for the short sides. The picture above simply shows the walls propped up on the base (or maybe it will be the top, I haven’t looked at them yet to decide).

So now before I cut the tails, I have two questions:

  1. What looks better on a box – tails on the front walls or pins on the front walls?
  2. Should I clamp the opposite boards together and cut the tails on both at the same time?

I’ll likely begin this tomorrow. Pictures, as always, will follow!