Dovetail Box - pieces

So I’ve got the pieces for my box cut mostly to size. The walls are all currently about 5 1/2″ – I’m going to trim just a bit off of two of them (to get them to 5 1/3″) and I’ll trim the other two down to 4″. But first, I have a planing issue.

I suppose it’s just part of my journey, but I can’t seem to be able to get my pieces (any of them) really flat. First, I was dealing with tearout. Apparently, even when you’re going with the grain, there is a direction the wood likes to be planed and a direction the wood doesn’t like to be planed. Or is it simply time to resharpen? I think a good sharpening is in order regardless.

Having a good flat face kind of affects everything, though. If the face isn’t flat, then you can’t square the edges, even with a shooting board, because you’re not resting the board flat against it.

When I put all four walls up against each other, they are all over the place as far as evenness. So what can I do? Do I try to clamp them all together, edge to edge, and plane them all at once? And then flip them all over and do it again?


On a brighter note, I did feel some sense of accomplishment with my planing at certain points. It was cool to see end grain shavings – a first for me.