Last week, I discovered The Wood Whisperer, thanks to a comment here by the whisperer himself, Marc Spagnuolo. He’s got a great web presence thing going on, with his video podcast as well as an audio podcast (Wood Talk Online) that he does with Matt Vanderlist of Matt’s Basement Workshop (also a podcast). I’ve downloaded every podcast put out by both The Wood Whisperer and Wood Talk Online, and am now playing catch-up; in the past week, I’ve listened to like 7 Wood Talk Online podcasts and have watched a handful of Wood Whisperer video podcasts!

I also just joined LumberJocks, a web community of woodworking enthusiasts. So if you’ve come to this site from there, welcome! I was shocked to receive about ten responses within an hour of me posting my profile and a little more about me over there. My profile at LumberJocks is here.

I’ve linked to The Wood Whisperer and LumberJocks over on my sidebar. Thanks for being out there on the web – people like me need sites like yours!