A couple weeks ago I talked about my workshop: a utility room in the back of the house that is about 6 1/2 feet by 8 1/2 feet. This weekend I spent a considerable amount of time in there organizing it. I still had tools wrapped in bubble wrap and newspaper, sitting idle in my plastic “please moisture, leave us alone” tub.

So I took some scraps of wood and put them to good use. A useless wooden block plane I bought a few years ago proved to be a wonderful drill bit stand, and a scrap I pulled off of a chair or something five years ago is now holding my screwdrivers. A board I practiced woodburning on is now a simple sharpening station (which will be able to mount to my bench). The various projects gave me a lot of experience using my great-grandfather’s bit brace. I also assembled (rather poorly) a bevel gauge kit I bought off of eBay a few months ago. That gave me more experience – using a hack saw, filing metal (protruding brass) and sanding the wood and brass.

With the experience, I gained more confidence. With the organization, I gained more order to my shop and more peace of mind. A couple times today, I found myself wandering over to my shop just to stand there. I didn’t do anything; I just enjoyed the room.

Next I need to sharpen a couple plane blades and then I’ll get back to planing down the bench top lumber. I’m not making very good progress – it’s hard work!