Since we spent our first six weeks in someone else’s home, I didn’t expect to get much woodworking done. Or any. I was happy that I was at least able to sharpen some of my tools.

Now that we’re in our own place, I’m able to get the ball rolling. In fact, I have my very own room which Amy has no desire to even set foot in. It looks like it had been used primarily as a storage room and place to hang clothes out to dry:

Workshop - the “Before” Picture

I’ve gotten rid of most of that clutter you see. I’ve also taken all the doors off the upper cabinets, and may keep them there in the long run. The bottom cabinets are useful for now as a makeshift workbench until I get a real one made. I mounted a shop vise on it, but the top material is so flimsy, it won’t really withstand any substantial use, so I have to take it easy.

No need posting an “After” picture until the bench is done!